Music · 2012

The Anvil – A Dedication to Michael Reilly

All Profit from ‘The Anvil’ will benefit the Irish Cancer Society.

Marie Reilly presents here some of the rarest and most delightful tunes of South Leitrim and Longford as written down by her ancestors in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The imprints of these men and women among them Thomas Kiernan, Stephen Grier, the Reilly family, Alex Sutherland, and many more can be felt throughout the recording. Tunes such as ‘Greg’s Pipes’ and ‘The London Lasses’, played in the scordatura fiddle tuning EAEA, embody a fiddle style that has been preserved over many generations and is gracefully exemplified by Marie in this recording. The ‘slur-and-cut’ bowing style taught to Marie by her father, Michael, is an attribute of the South Leitrim/Longford style and creates a flowing tempo that jumps out at the listener.


  1. Baltighoran & Mother Goose – Slip Jigs
  2. The Vermont & The Friendly Visit – Hornpipes
  3. Jackson’s Heigh-Ho & The White Star – Reels
  4. The Conmhaicne – March
  5. The Low Level & Flood’s – Hornpipe
  6. Greg’s Pipes & The London Lasses – Reels
  7. The Leitrim Clog Dance & Gan Ainm – Hornpipes
  8. Durang’s & The Banks of Lough Gowna – Jigs
  9. The Silver Bells & The Strathbrook – Schottisches
  10. Quadrille & Murray’s Dream – Jigs
  11. The Cedars of Lebanon & Michael Reilly’s
  12. The Stafford Dance & McCoy’s Measure – Scots Measures
  13. The May Day – Schottisches
  14. Doctor Gilbert’s & My Love is Fair and Handsome – Reels
  15. Miss Stafford’s Fancy & Miss Eleanor Butler’s – Reels
  16. The Gold Ring – Jig
  17. Andy McGann’s – Hornpipe
  18. Master Fitzpatrick’s – Reel


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gabriel Donohue at

All tracks arranged by Marie Reilly and Gabriel Donohue

Gabriel Donohue – Guitar, Bouzouki, Banjo, Keyboards, Bodhrán, Darbuka, Piano (except track 5)

Krista Charles – Piano (track 5)

Graphic Design – Noel Strange, Co. Longford

SleeveNotes – Conor Ward, Co. Leitrim

Photography – James Higgins, Higgins Photography, New York

Marie Reilly - The Anvil